“Prepare to have you mind blown”

Just the average internet banter that usually trends the reddit forums, then moves towards 4chan, 9gag before finally being “discovered” and going ‘viral’ by the users of Facebook.


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“Portrait of Lotte 0 to 14 years in 4 min”

In this captivating short film, Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester chronicled his daughter Lotte’s growth from birth to age 14 in 15-second installments shot weekly and spliced together in a 4-minute time-lapse narrative. The film was scored by Grammy-winning composer Mateo Messina. The end result is a gleeful and mesmerizing encapsulation of  life in its early stages.

This short clips details a method of communication technology through the usage of photographs that is recorded for a duration of 14 years. Though photographs may not be considered a form of newer communication technology but perhaps an older form, the method of digitalising photographs has become a new trend. Within the video the form of digitalising and recording photographs over a timeline to display towards the world through the World Wide Web has allowed one father to show his self-journey. I personally found the cinematography and concept of the entire video very impressive and intriguing with respect for someone being able to consistently record memories every week for 14 years straight.

Attached is a photo of my one year old nephew Y.U.N.G Terio whom also has been involved within a similar project by his parents. His real name is Rick but he was pretty fat so the name Terio sort of stuck.

10751625_962108313817644_70269693_n 10818715_962108327150976_595406036_n 10437499_759165770823333_8539788704392600270_n


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Up the Red and Black Track and Field 2K14

St Josephs Gregory Terrace Track and Field 2014 spirit video

Great utilisation of society today’s obsession within “MLG videos” on the Facebook newsfeed of youth and applying it within their spirit video for the Track and Field champs to create a different style of video compared to other GPS schools. Very well created and kudos to the boys.

#RedandBlackarmy #trackandfield #wombocombo


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NCT Cyberbullying movie feat Russell Crowe

Fastforward to 1:00 to hear Russell Crowe meme in my video

“A short video of Sean de la Wenham, a self-proclaimed Navy SEAL whom experiences cyber bullying and overcomes it with great advice from Kids Help Line. It features Russell Crowe’s manly alpha male voice but one must listen to the facts compiled by Kids Help Line to unlock it.”

*Please do not sue me Russell Crowe and management, its just banter*

Using new communication technology is a part of our daily lives. Mobile phones, emails, websites, Blogs, online games and social network sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can be a positive and fun tool to learn, express yourself and keep in touch with friends and family.

Regarding information with the lecture slides new communication technology is known to allow humankind to be more efficient with everyday actions, however within the media lots of stories about how technology can be used to hurt other people have been reported. You may have heard news reports about the impacts of cyberbullying and you may even have experienced cyberbullying yourself. From data recorded at Kids Helpline, cyberbullying is an ongoing issue within youth in society today.

Cyberbullying can be hurtful because the bullying tend to be public. Cruel messages left on a Facebook page are not just seen by the person being bullied but might also been seen by all their friends. Often the person being bullied can’t get away from it because the messages come through on their mobile phone, to their email account or on their Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter feed.

There are lots of reasons that young people bully others. Sometimes it’s about trying to become popular, or to intimidate or make someone afraid of them. Sometimes it’s a reaction to being bullied themselves or because they are jealous of the person they are bullying. Sean retold me his story of how he was constantly cyberbullied by a specific individual whom felt powerful over a computer screen but never face to face. He then realized that this individual was a “keyboard warrior” and decided to solve the problem himself being a Navy SEAL veteran.  It reminded of Sherry Turtle’s work “Life on the screen” about multiple personas over the vast social networks of today’s new communication filled world.

doge memes


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Turkle, S 1995, Life on the Screen:Identity in the Age of Internet, Simon & Schuster, New York.

“New Communication Technology, allows your Facebook newsfeed to become an episode of Cops”

Through the interconnecting web that we know as social media networks, the entire world is connected for the exception of certain countries where social media and free speech is heavily regulated. Through this connection whenever an incident occurs with the “popo”, a trend of recording the encounter and delaying their random road stop has occurred. The member of public will have a mobile device (form of new communication technology) to record the encounter and proceed to shout “what are my rights” and “what are the charges” as if they are being detained within a country underneath a dictatorship regime. The law enforcement services used to say thank you for you co-operation, apologise for any delay and wish you a safe trip back in the days but now due to new communication technology, everyone seems to feel the need to record themselves denying a check of license and registration and screaming unlawful detainment for 10 minutes. *groan*

>”What does that even mean?”

>*Inaudible outburst, possibly a lawsuit for popo brutality*

>”Can you relax” *rekt*


>”Nobody is pushing on your knees?” *Possibly genuine confusion*




Rui Costa. (2014, October 8). Can you relax. (Video file). Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unu3sKjhONs

“The future of the music industry?”

>Buys MacBook Air 13 inch 256GB model

>Download Virtual DJ Pro Edition

>I can become a DJ and da la fast lyfe of a EDM artist will follow

>Resulting end track sounds something like T-Pain’s auto-tune feat The Wiggles Remix


>Uninstall Virtual DJ Pro Edition

>Open Griffith Library Database to search for journal articles for my 1001EHR Employment Relations assignment

>”How does every other EDM artist make award winning music with just their MacBook :??”

>1 like=1 prayer

>Does this make the MacBook Air the great descendant of the phonograph?


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